Cyber Security Consultancy and vCISO

Security can be difficult, as there are plenty of factors to consider on the field. While knowledge and skill are required to protect information and systems from malicious attacks, these same attributes are as well unfortunately being used to develop the attacks themselves.

The internet and network systems were not originally designed to revolve around security and privacy, their focus was connectivity so information and data could efficiently be shared. There have been many improvements in today’s infrastructure and within many different regards, but unfortunately malicious attacks have also increased in complexity and quantity, affecting availability, confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of data, systems and information.

Without a centralized internal security team, organizations are left less secure on today’s connected cyber world, and unfortunately, even with a strong security team, various strong actors who have for years exploited vulnerabilities in organizations, continue to do so, and will still in the future look to compromise organizations either for immediate malicious intent or through continued compromise of their systems and information.

We can help the cyber security of growing and established organizations with:

  • Evaluating an organization’s ability to detect, prevent, and better respond to cyber threats
  • Performing cyber security risk assessments and audits
  • Developing a clear security strategy and roadmap
  • Establishing and continuing various security program implementations for specific compliance requirements
  • Assessing and improving internal security-related policies
  • Providing security training for an organization’s staff

Having the years of experience in security, we are able to tailor our partners’ projects based on their specific needs, we can listen to your requirements, and discuss with you strong game plans and the best suggested course of actions.

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